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Welcome Pack

A taste of freedom, thanks to the Welcome Pack

Would you like to teach your son or daughter about managing money? Are you wondering how to let them make small purchases, transfers or withdrawals like a grown-up ... all the while keeping an eye on what they spend? The Welcome Pack is the perfect solution.

Free for under 18s, the Welcome Pack includes:

Free rechargeable payment card

Would your son or daughter like to make small online purchases or be able to withdraw cash at ATMs during school trips abroad? It's really simple, with the rechargeable payment card* which is included in the Welcome Pack. All family members can transfer money onto the card. And because it is impossible to spend more than the available balance, you can sleep soundly!

*From the age of 15.

Suitable limits and easy control

With the bank card, your son or daughter can make withdrawals at ATMs (EUR 125 maximum per day and EUR 250 per week) as well as payments of EUR 250 maximum per day and per week*. That way, they learn to manage their money bit by bit while you get to keep an eye on their spending via your Easy Banking Web and Easy Banking App.

*Your child's bank card limits can be adjusted at your request, in any branch.

Free transactions

Transfers, EUR withdrawals, cash deposits, account statements ... everything is free with this current account. You only have to pay to receive your account statements by post.

Do you have a Premium Pack?

If your son or daughter carries out at least 12 transactions per year with their Welcome Pack, you can enjoy a Premium Bonus: we will then reimburse one monthly payment of your Premium Pack.


Your son or daughter will receive a surprise welcome gift upon opening their Welcome Pack. 

Opening a Welcome Pack for your child online

  • You must be a holder of a BNP Paribas Fortis current account.
  • You will have to send us (free of charge) a copy of your identity card as well as your child's identity card, if they are aged 12 or older.
  • Do you need to take a break from your application? No problem, you can automatically continue from where you left off.

My child will soon turn 18

Once they turn 18, their Welcome Pack will automatically be converted into Hello4You. They will therefore continue to enjoy a free current account, with a free rechargeable payment card, until they turn 28.