Need flexibility? Choose Private Banking by James!

Your personal point of contact

Your Private Banker is your central point of contact for any questions in relation to your assets. Private Bankers work closely with our team of experts for loans, insurance, investments, taxation and inheritance planning. They coordinate all the advice and expertise for your assets.

Even more accessible Private Banking

Your assets deserve personal advice and management. Unfortunately, you do not always have the time to manage your assets when you want. If you need flexibility outside working hours, 'Private Banking by James' offers longer opening hours and allows you to develop your assets where and when you want. Your Private Banker is always at your service.

High availability

Your Private Banker by James is at your service:

  • Mondays to Fridays: from 7am to 10pm
  • Saturdays: from 9am to 5pm

A secure connection

You can communicate privately with your Private Banker on our secure telephone line on 02 433 40 51 or using various electronic communication channels: webcam, chat and e-mail.

A tailored approach to your assets

We draw up an 'Assets Balance Sheet': this is a detailed inventory of your private and business capital that also includes all your assets and liabilities, the makeup of your family, the structure of your company, important clauses of your marriage contract, etc.

We analyse your objectives and ambitions, your projects and your expectations of our service.

We work with our team of experts to provide solutions that are tailored to your needs and requirements.

The team behind each Private Banker

Estate Planner

If you need any advice on inheritance and tax optimisation, your Estate Planner will safeguard the future of your assets.

  • A long-term vision of the evolution of your assets
  • Implementing solutions based on your objectives

Funds & SRI Specialist

Make your assets more dynamic by investing in a fund. We will offer the necessary expertise.

  • Detailed information and expert advice
  • An approach in line with your investor profile

Patrimonial Lending Officer

The Patrimonial Lending Officer is the perfect intermediary to find out which credit solution is best for you.

  • A thorough study of your file
  • Solutions that offer you the most benefits