My online and mobile bank


With Easy Banking App, your smartphone or tablet enables you to carry out your daily transactions with ease, wherever and whenever you wish. Find out more


With Easy Banking Web, you can independently manage all your investments, as well as your banking transactions, your insurance policies and your loans, all with just one click. Find out more

My bank with the support of a Private Banker

Your assets deserve the greatest care. Because your needs are unique, you can choose how you wish to approach your relationship with the Private Bank.

Meet your Private Banker.

Fast connection and immediate assistance with PrivilegeConnect

As a prefered customer of BNP Paribas Fortis Private Banking, we give you a dedicated "PrivilegeConnect" phone line, for even better service.   You can contact us using this exclusive service 24/7.

A wide range of practical daily banking services

Android Pay

Simple, quick and safe for paying with your smartphone. Download the app. Register your card. Confirm. That's it!

BNP Paribas Fortis Prepaid

It's easy to top up your prepaid card using your smartphone or tablet.

Easy Banking Phone

A secure telephone line for carrying out your banking transactions remotely.

Log in with peace of mind

Card reader

With your bank card and card reader at hand, you can perform your daily banking transactions or make purchases online securely.


Your smartphone is the key to your digital identity. Using the itsme app, you can log in securely at any time.


Your mobile bank is now available at the touch of a finger. Open Easy Banking App on your smartphone and place your finger on your device's touch sensor. That's it, you have logged in securely!


Simple and secure, your online and mobile bank has many benefits. In terms of security, we invest in the most advanced technology to offer you reliable protection.