Frequently asked questions


Pay your bills with a single click

Zoomit is a free feature that allows you to receive your bills and salary documents directly on your computer, smartphone or tablet by means of the Easy Banking Website or mobile app. More and more companies and services will send you invoices through Zoomit: Belgacom, Proximus, Telenet, Electrabel, Tax-on-Web, SD Worx, Securex, etc. Did your bill arrive? A single click or swipe is all that is needed to pay it. No need to fill out any more transfer details: the amount, the account number and the structured communication are automatically filled in for you.

You will never forget a bill again

Settling in a new country means you have to think of a thousand things all at once. Thanks to Zoomit, you receive a notification in your inbox each time when a new bill is available. This way no bills will be overlooked.

You retain full control

You choose which bills to pay and when. You also choose who is allowed to send you electronic documents via Zoomit. Would you like to know which companies already issue their documents via Zoomit? Find out in the list of companies available on the Zoomit website.

No paper wasted

You receive and manage your documents online. Finding past bills and salary documents could not be easier. Large stacks of paper and pay slips is a thing of the past.