With you from the start

Welcome to Belgium!

Are you coming to work or study in Belgium? As enriching as this adventure may be, preparing for your arrival is not always easy. The presence of the European and international institutions and many multinational companies and NGOs has made Belgium a popular destination for many expatriates. As Belgium's leading bank, BNP Paribas Fortis will be your trusted partner of choice for all your banking business. Whatever your needs and length of your stay, we have tailor-made solutions for you.

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A bank account before arrival

On the list of things to do before your arrival in Belgium, opening a bank account may be the most indispensable. You need it to receive your salary, conclude your insurance and a range of other formalities. Simplify your life and open a bank account online in a few clicks, no matter where you come from.

All-in-one Premium Pack, for free!

The Premium Pack is the all-in-one formula for all your day-to-day banking needs. Moreover, you enjoy a lot of banking benefits during the first year (free during this period instead of EUR 6.25 per month) you live in Belgium. You can open up to three current accounts, make international transfers at preferential rates, use various online services, several bank cards and a MasterCard Gold credit card (subject to acceptance).

Hello4You for younger expats

Are you between 18 and 27 years old? Then Hello4You is made for you! This free package includes a current account and personal advice, as well as two bank cards for cash withdrawals and payments both in Belgium and abroad, a rechargeable payment card and various online services.

Renting your home

If you want to rent accommodation in Belgium, you need to provide the owner with a rental guarantee deposit, locked up for the term of your lease. A savings account - free of charge - solely for this purpose is the best solution.

Buying your home

If you feel so at home in Belgium that you want to buy somewhere to live, then a Flexible Home Loan offers you several benefits as an expatriate.

Protect yourself, your family and your possessions.

Enjoy favourable terms on a wide range of insurance policies and simply enjoy life whether at home or travelling, in Belgium or anywhere else in the world. Have a problem? You can rely on professionals, men and women close to you, your family and your possessions.

32 specialised expat branches

We are never far away. Our specialised expat branches have long opening hours and offer tailored services. Our multilingual staff received special training to meet your specific needs. One of our employees remains your permanent contact during the entire duration of your stay.

A Belgian bank with an international approach

BNP Paribas Fortis has a presence in 80 countries. Your stay in our country may be coming to an end, but our partnership is not! We are always there for you, even beyond our borders...