Frequently asked questions

Standing order

Never again forget important payments

Settling in a new country means you have to think of a thousand things all at once. Do you regularly make the same payments such as rent, alimonies or subscriptions to your favourite magazines? With a standing order, we pay a set amount for you on a recurring date — without you having to worry about it.

Make your payment order once only

You only have to make your payment order once. All the rest is done automatically. So you save time every month.

Keep your expenditure under control

You can stop your standing order at any time. Moreover, you can always change the amount, date or frequency.

One monthly Premium Pack fee refunded

Have you got a Premium Pack? And do you save at least 50 euros per month with a standing order? Then you get a Premium Bonus. This means that we will reimburse one monthly Premium Pack fee (5.75 EUR).

Do you want to automatically increase your savings?

Automatic savings

With automatic savings, you automatically increase your savings without having to think about it. Using a standing order, you move your chosen amount from your current account to your savings account at set intervals.