Secure payments on the Internet

Secure payments are essential

Online shopping, paying bills or booking tickets on the Internet; online transactions are more popular than ever before. Therefore, BNP Paribas Fortis makes security a priority.

Pay with your credit card

Before using your credit card on the site of an online store, check that the payment module address starts with https:// (instead of the usual http://) or that there is a padlock at the bottom of the screen. The display may differ depending on your browser. Also make sure that the site name matches the store chosen or the selected sector. Then complete the transactions as described below.

Please note that in order to confirm your payments, you will need your customer number, your credit card and your PIN.

  1. Enter your name, card number, expiry date and security code (on the back).
  2. Make sure that you are redirected to a payment module, either at your bank or integrated in the site.
  3. Confirm the payment with a card reader, your PIN and/or your security code.
  4. You are redirected to the website of the store to confirm the purchase.

Pay with your bank card

Does the Maestro or Bancontact/MisterCash logo appear on the store’s payment page? If so, you can pay for your purchase with your regular bank card. Here again, safety is key, so you must use your card reader to confirm your payment. This means you enjoy 3D Secure security (see below).

Pay with other payment systems

Some payment methods have been specifically created for online purchases (PayPal, iTunes, Google Play, etc.). These ensure secure payments on the Internet. They require the creation of an account separate from your bank account. This account shall be credited with smaller amounts, using your credit card, while benefitting from the security measures set up by the bank. Payments are then made via a user name and a password.

3D Secure security

A security technique for online payments using Visa, MasterCard or your BNP Paribas Fortis bank card, 3D Secure is a module that the e-merchant adds to their site. Using a card reader, you are able to confirm that you are the legitimate holder of the card being used. You will easily recognise the sites that use 3D Secure technology by the "Verified by Visa" and/or "MasterCard Secure Code" logos.

You do not have a card reader?

It’s not essential on some sites.
Some store sites, particularly those providing access to payments using American Express cards, do not require the use of a Digipass or a card reader. These sites do not have 3D Secure security. Only the security code on the back of your credit card will be used as a means to ensure security.

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