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Earnings paid into your account

Earnings paid into your account? A good choice!

Are you looking for an easy way of having your salary, pension or benefits paid to you? In Belgium, this is called earnings "domiciliation". It offers many advantages. It is quite simple: just give your employer or benefit provider the number of your current account at BNP Paribas Fortis.


Have your earnings automatically paid into your account to improve the day-to-day management of your banking transactions, especially if you use remote banking.


Your money is paid into your bank account. You do not need to manage excess cash and your money is constantly available.

More advantages

You can set up automatic savings to help you realise your savings goals.

More savings

This service is completely free. Enjoy all the benefits without any impact on your salary.

Other advantages...

  • All your financial income is grouped in the same account.
  • You avoid any loss associated with differences in value dates at the time of interbank transfers.
  • Make your life easier by choosing what channel you use: do your banking in a Self terminal, via Easy Banking (Web + App) or by telephone.