The bank for young people

Through our youth offers, you learn to manage your money in a safe and easy way!

Are you between 18 and 28 years old? Then take advantage of all the benefits of our Hello4You offer, including a free current account, prepaid card, Visa card* (free for the first year) and access through app and web.

* Subject to acceptance of your application.


For young people aged 18 to 27 years

Enjoy the best of both worlds with the free Hello4You current account. This offer includes a rechargeable payment card , Visa card * (free for the first year), access to the exciting world of Hello bank! and convenient access to your accounts via Easy Banking (Web + App).

Saving for a project

Thanks to our various free savings accounts, your money grows with our beneficial interest rates. Of course, your savings are always available. Do you want to save for your future home? Good on you, because there are often many costs in addition to a mortgage loan. With the Home Purchase Savings Account you can save up for your future home between the age of 18 and 35.

Safe payments

Would you like to make a big trip? Do you plan to go on Erasmus? The credit card is free for the first year and the ideal solution to book your hotels and flights online before departure! It is also the safest solution to pay abroad. Are you between 15 and 18 years? Then the rechargeable debit card is for you!

Finally behind the wheel?

Did you finally get your driver's license? Congratulations! Do you need a financial boost to buy your first car or scooter? Your bank is here to help you. However, do not forget about your insurance in the fever of excitement. If you occasionally drive the car of your parents, consider adding your name to their insurance policy.