Priority Banking

Building up trust on a daily basis

Priority Banking, first and foremost, is proactive attention from a personal adviser. Thanks to an in-depth awareness of your needs and plans, he can propose tailored solutions as your life evolves and changes.

Expertise in investments, loans and insurances

Your adviser works in close collaboration with a variety of in-house specialists in order to provide you with advice on all your major decisions, day after day.

Information, discounts and preferential invitations

As a Priority Banking customer, you have access to a number of services and benefits, including: newsletters, discounts, online ticket office, etc. Find out more below.

Our Priority Banking offer

A personal Priority adviser

Depending on your needs, you have a personal adviser at your service in a branch or remotely (Priority by James) to provide maximum availability.

Each year, he will align with you to carry out a full check-up of your financial situation, plans and needs.

Your Priority Adviser for Entrepreneurs also closely follows up on your company's investments.

Expertise in a variety of fields

Your Priority Adviser is an expert in investments. He will guide you through this world whenever you need it.

Are you thinking about buying some property or reviewing your insurance portfolio?

You can rely on the expertise of various specialists in insurance and loans.  

Privileges for you and your family 

You benefit from discountsin a host of shops, cinemas, theme parks, luxury hotels and many more.

You also have access to the online ticketing company Seaters, meaning you can get tickets to a variety of sporting events, concerts and other cultural events of all kinds at a reduced price (or even free of charge).

Looking for proactive advice on your investments? Choose Priority Banking Exclusive

In addition to the Priority Banking services, Priority Banking Exclusive offers you:

  • proactive advice for your investment portfolio;
  • Portfolio Advice: this exclusive service helps you to invest optimally & well-considered;
  • additional check-ups on your investments;
  • a personalised approach to pension and succession planning to prepare for the hand-over of your assets;
  • the Premium Pack: the most comprehensive solution for managing your money anywhere, any time.
These exclusive benefits are part of a single contract.

Priority Banking at a glance

You have a personal adviser. Headvises you in the field of investments when required. You also benefit from expertise in loans and insurance. You have access to information, discounts and preferential invitations.

Priority Banking Exclusive

You are entitled to proactive advice for your investment portfolio. Portfolio Advice, an exclusive service, will help you invest in the right way for you. Add to this additional check-ups on your investments and a personal approach to pension and succession planning. As well as the services and benefits available for Priority Banking, with Priority Banking Exclusive you also have the Premium Pack: the most comprehensive solution for managing your money anywhere, any time.

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Any questions?

As a Priority Banking customer, to which check-ups am I entitled?

You are entitled to an annual check-up of your plans and needs, a full check-up of your insurance every three years and proactive advice.

How can I benefit from the Priority Banking service?

Priority Banking is available from EUR 85,000 in our savings and/or investment products.

Why have an adviser in branch and remotely?

If your personal adviser at the branch is not available, a remote adviser will then step in to help you (and vice versa).