Remote banking and home banking

You can view and manage your accounts, loans, savings, investments and insurance policies from anywhere and at any time with remote banking.

Security is not optional

Whichever option you choose - Easy Banking, Self banking - all possible means of security are deployed to make your remote banking environment highly secure. So you can carry out your transactions in complete security while enjoying great flexibility.

An ergonomic environment

Whatever method you choose, the approach we offer is based on the same logic, enabling you to quickly find the functions you are looking for. So checking your accounts, making payments or transferring money, managing you savings, your insurance policies and loans couldn't be easier.


Receive your bills and your payslips directly on your PC or your smartphone, and then pay your bills with just one click using a pre-filled European transfer form. Zoomit is a practical and easy-to-use service which means you won't forget any important bills.

Easy Banking App

The Easy Banking App is an ergonomic and free app that lets you connect to your bank. Have at your fingertips the ability to carry out many different transactions, check your accounts, etc. And all this in a secure environment thanks to unique device recognition.

Online account statements

Thanks to online account statements, you can help the environment while saving time. Consult your account movements (up to 10 years on file) wherever you are, securely, in a readable and easy-to-print format. Available 24/7.


European account number, the IBAN (International Bank Account Number) makes it easier to transfer money between European countries.

Card reader

With your card reader and BNP Paribas Fortis bank card, you are ready to use the Easy Banking App.


Assist, it's the app to take everywhere with you. Assist is a free app from BNP Paribas Fortis that offers you assistance and advice if you get into difficulties with your accounts or cards, your car, your home or your family, whether you are in Belgium or abroad.