Easy Banking Centre

Extensive availability

The Easy Banking Centre advisers are available from Monday to Friday between 7am and 10pm, and on Saturdays from 9am to 5pm, for a total of 83 hours per week. Furthermore, the Easy Banking Centre is available during bank holidays, when our bank branches are closed.

Friendly and personalised remote service

Do you have questions? Do you need help quickly? Is your trusted branch adviser temporarily unavailable? The Easy Banking Centre and our network of branches work in perfect symbiosis to ensure you receive the service you need.

Your bank is at hand

The Easy Banking Centre shares its expertise with you through its services and advice. It also allows you to build remote relationships with your bank.

The latest communication technology

Because you want to have the right information at the right time, we use every digital communication channel: email, social media, video call, chat, etc.

We are here for every customer

Contact our Easy Banking Centre advisers on +32 (0)2 261 11 11 for all the support and advice you need. It's easy and handy, if you don't have the time or can't get to a branch.

  • You are a Priority customer, in addition to your branch adviser, you can always make use of our Priority Banking service by James on +32 (0)2 433 41 69 (NL) - +32 (0)2 433 41 53 (FR).
  • If you are a Private Banking customer, in addition to your Private Banker, you can count on the expertise of our Private Banking advisers by James on +32 (0)2 433 40 52.
  • If you are an entrepreneurial customer, our dedicated advisers from the Easy Banking Centre provide an excellent service on +32 (0)2 433 43 34.

Immediate contact with the right adviser

Would you rather avoid the selection menu when calling +32 (0)2 261 11 11? With Easy Banking App, you can contact the Easy Banking Centre quickly and easily:

  • Log on to the app.
  • Select ‘Call us’ from the contact menu.
  • Select a topic.

You are immediately put through to the right person, who knows both you and your file, on our secure telephone line. You don’t even need your bank card, customer number, access code or to answer security questions.

Easy Banking Phone

Easy Banking Phone (a secure line using a code) enables you to contact our advisers and to communicate with them. Furthermore, we can provide you with information in complete security. Via Easy Banking Phone, you can also consult your account balances or make transfers from your mobile phone or fixed line, within a secure environment

Vidéo call

Easy Banking Chat