Self Bank ATMs

You can make transfers whenever it suits you, no computer needed

Nearby and easy to use

Do you want to arrange your banking, but do not have a computer at hand? Have you not yet installed Easy Banking Web on your computer or the Easy Banking App on your mobile device? Do you simply wish to withdraw cash at an ATM? In Belgium, you will find hundreds of Self Bank ATMs, where you can manage your accounts and products safely.


Are you on the go and do not have a computer at hand? Do not worry, many operations can be carried out at an ATM: withdrawing money, checking your account balance, printing statements*, making transfers and, at most of them, cash deposits.

* unless you opted for online statements.


All our Self Banking spaces are optimally protected. Thanks to your bank card and PIN, you are indeed the only person with access to all of your accounts and products at our Self Bank ATMs.


The Self Banking areas are equipped with touchscreen ATMs that are very clear and easy to use. Some machines are even equipped with a voice guidance system so that the visually impaired can also do their banking there.

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