Frequently asked questions

Your bank, securely

Today, you can check your balance, make transfers, pay or access your bank statements... directly on your smart phone, tablet, or computer. And it’s safe. Really? Yes. Absolutely. When you use the Easy Banking App and Web, procedures are in place to guarantee the safety of your personal and banking data. Here’s how.

Do not ever share your data!

Let’s start with the most important piece of advice: your bank will never ask you for confidential information. Not by phone, not by email. Not ever. So don’t ever communicate your secret code, M1 or M2 signatures, itsme code, or Easy Banking App / Easy Banking Web passwords!

Your connection under control

Your app, your device

Only access your Easy Banking App if your device has been previously registered.

You’re the only person capable of connecting to your app, which requires your password, fingerprint or face.

Your online bank, the right combination

Only login to the Easy Banking Web with the right combination…

  • Do you use your card reader? Your card, secret code and arbitrary code generated by your card reader are indispensable.
  • Do you use itsme? Your mobile phone, SIM card and itsme code (or your fingerprint or face) are vital.

A unique profile

You must create your Easy Banking profile before accessing the Easy Banking App and Easy Banking Web. It guarantees the optimal security of your data and a secure connection.

Secure surfing

A “S” and a lock

Once connected, you surf on a secure site. How can you be sure? Check for the “https” in the site’s address bar.

Unusual operation? New beneficiary?

Is the transaction amount unusually high? Do you want to pay money into the account of a beneficiary that is not yet in your list? Any unusual operation must be confirmed using your card and card reader.

Did you forget to logout?

You will automatically be logged off the Easy Banking App and Easy Banking Web after 5 minutes’ inactivity.

Loss? Theft?

Your device was stolen? Did you lose it?

  • Contact your mobile operator and block your SIM card immediately.
  • Call us on 02 433 41 65. We will immediately delete the device used to login to the Easy Banking App from our list. Keep your customer number at hand (it’s on your debit card) as well as the name used to create your Easy Banking profile.
  • Did you activate the “find my phone” feature? Block it!
  • Your device was stolen? Make a statement to the police.


Contact our experts at the Easy Banking Centre (Mon-Fri 7 am-10 pm, Sa 9 am-5 pm).