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My online and mobile bank

Today, thanks to online banking, you can manage your accounts, your payments, your investments... all by yourself, where and when you want. You’re no longer bound to a schedule and don’t even have to get out of your home. Of course, your bank adviser is always available, armed with her/his expertise: you get support when you need it. You choose.

Online safety

Today, you check your accounts, transfer money, pay or access your bank statements directly on your smartphone, tablet, computer… And it’s secure. When you use Easy Banking App and Easy Banking Web, procedures are in place to ensure that your personal and banking data remain safe.

Find out how your internet safety is guaranteed on Easy Banking Web and Easy Banking App and how to avoic online fraude. Technology serves online safety.

Switching to digital? We’re by your side?

PSD2: a Directive to protect you

The brand-new Payment Services Directive (PSD) is applicable in Belgium. Discover how it makes the day-to-day management of your accounts easier.

Download Easy Banking App

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