Easy Banking Web

  • Manage your banking on your computer or smartphone
  • Benefit from increased safety, wherever you use the app
  • Enjoy the benefits of Easy Banking Web for free with the Premium, Comfort or Welcome Pack

Manage your banking wherever and whenever you want

Easy Banking Web gives you both access and information regarding all products and services offered by your bank. So you can easily choose the ones that suit you most. Also, rest assured that you can log in completely safely with your personal profile to do your banking. This includes not only daily banking operations, but also the management of your accounts, insurances, loans or investments. That way your bank is always within reach. All you need is an internet connection.

Safe and easy

When it comes to banking, safety is essential. This applies also to online banking. Therefore, BNP Paribas Fortis will do everything to keep protect your account from being hacked. All communication between your computer and Easy Banking Web runs through an encrypted and secure connection.

Safety does not need to be complicated. Your bank card, a card reader and your PIN are sufficient to use Easy Banking Web. We obviously advise you to never share your personal information with anyone and to follow basic safety rules when surfing online (on this or on any other website).

Have you noticed anything unusual? Is someone asking you questions in the name of the bank? If so, never reply and get in touch with us immediately.

Manage your daily operations

  • Check the balance of your accounts.
  • Perform transactions.
  • Add a savings plan.
  • Open a new account.
  • Personalise your bank card with a picture.
  • ...

Monitor your investments

  • Manage your investment portfolio.
  • Analyse fluctuations.
  • Open or modify Flexinvest.
  • Buy or sell securities.
  • Discover new opportunities.

Review your loans and insurances

  • Check an overview of your loans and insurances.
  • Apply online for a loan.
  • Calculate your insurance premium.
  • Request a credit card.
  • Investigate the cover of your insurances.

In touch with your bank

  • Send a message to your branch or adviser.
  • Manage your personal data.
  • Make an appointment online.
  • Ask questions through Easy Banking Web.
  • Receive information about your banking by email.

All you need is a computer or tablet

Are you using a desktop computer or laptop? Mac or Windows? A tablet with iOS or Android? As long as you have an internet connection, you can use Easy Banking Web. The only condition is an updated operating system.

For people with visual impairment

Are you having difficulties reading the text on our website? Adjust the font size easily via your browser settings. In addition, we offer free Comfort Voice, a special card reader with a larger screen, larger buttons and voice guidance.

Want to know more?

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