Easy Banking Web

Manage your daily banking

You can now check your account balance, make a transfer, open a new account or set up automatic savings wherever and whenever you wish.

Manage your investments 

Log in to see the returns and fluctuations of your investments, buy or sell securities and discover new portfolio offers.

Manage your loans and insurance policies

Visit your online bank for an overview of your loans and insurance policies, to apply for a loan, simulate an insurance premium or even order a credit card.

In touch with your bank

With one click, you can contact your adviser, make an appointment in a branch or get banking information by email.

My bank with the support of an adviser

Available at any time of the day and evening, our advisers are on hand to share their expertise and meet your current and future needs.

An accessible site for visually impaired people

You can change your web browser's settings to adapt the text on our site to make it easier to read. If you need one, you can ask your branch for a Comfort Voice card reader. You will get a bigger screen, buttons that are more visible and voice prompts.

itsme®, your digital identity

itsme is a secured digital identification app which takes away the need for all your various passwords, usernames, card readers and tokens. You can use one single code to log in to itsme securely and sign transactions on the websites and apps of all participating partners.


Simple and secure, your online and mobile bank has many benefits. In terms of security, we invest in the most advanced technology to offer you a reliable protection.

I would like to use Easy Banking Web

Make sure you have your bank card and a card reader to hand to connect to your online bank.

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