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Easy Banking App

Make your life easier with mobile banking

You reach the checkout and want to make sure you’ve got enough money left? Reimburse your share of the bill there and now?

Do it where and when you want, securely, with Easy Banking App!

Your bank in 1 app

Thanks to Easy Banking App, you can

  • Check your balance,
  • Make your transfers,
  • Access your bank statements...

Directly on your smartphone or tablet. Mobile banking is safe and easy.

Download your free mobile app


  • Your smartphone or tablet,
  • Your debit card,
  • Your card reader,

See you in your store. The Easy Banking App will make your everyday life so much easier!

Mobile banking, safety first

You’ve lost your smartphone or it’s been stolen? Call us on 02 762 20 00.

And don’t forget that, in order to pay with your Easy Banking App, whoever took your device needs to unlock it. Which requires your secret PIN number, digital fingerprint and face. Then, the person needs to enter the app, thus have your personal password, digital fingerprint or face... And even in the unlikely event that they would, any transaction to unknown third parties for significant amounts of money must be confirmed using your card and your card reader.

How do I login to the Easy Banking App? Easy!

The choice is yours: 

  • Your password
  • Your fingerprint
  • Your face recognition
  • Your debit card and card reader

How do I start using the Easy Banking App?

Get your smartphone and/or your tablet, your debit card and your card reader.

  1. Download: go to the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Activate: open the app, go to “start”
  3. Use:login and use your mobile bank safely, where and when you choose.

You will need an Easy Banking Web contract to use the Easy Banking App. No contract yet? Request it here.

How do I transfer money with the Easy Banking App?

How can I visualise my transactions on the Easy Banking App?

Your mobile banking: even more advantages

The Easy Banking App offers a wide range of additional features:

  • Contact us quickly using “contact us”
  • Check your account balance for all ING and KBC accounts
  • Make contactless payments with Apple Pay and Google Pay;
  • Open a savings account,
  • and much, much more!

Download the Easy Banking App

You will need an Easy Banking Web contract to use the Easy Banking App. No contract yet? Request it here.


Login to the Easy Banking App, go to “contact us”, then “call us” and select the subject that concerns you.

Or call our Easy Banking Experts on 02 433 43 67 (Mon-Fri 7-22h, Sat 9-17h).