Easy Banking Web and App for Teens

Easy Banking Web and App: Easy, secure and adapted to your teen's lifestyle

Easy Banking Web and Easy Banking App (15 years and over) enable your child to carry out their banking transactions wherever and whenever they want using their laptop, tablet or smartphone. Of course, it will be you who activates and manages these tools – their access depends on your authorisation.

Easy Banking Web and App for teens at a glance

  • Transaction limits set specially for young people.
  • Secure access using a PIN code, password or digital fingerprint.
  • Temporary blocking of the app when you judge it necessary.
  • Available on Mac OS, Android

Authorised transactions

Your child can:

  • check his account balance;
  • transfer money to his savings account;
  • transfer money to a third party's account;
  • and make payments and receive money with Easy Banking App's Bancontact feature.

Supervised transactions

Your child can:

  • carry out transactions if he has enough money in his account (it’s not possible to go overdrawn);
  • make unlimited transfers to their savings account;
  • make transfers to third parties, with a maximum of EUR 625/day and EUR 1,250/week;
  • and make payments with Easy Banking App's Bancontact feature, with a maximum of EUR 500/day in shops and EUR 250/day between individuals.

Full parental control

  • You keep control by activating and managing access to Easy Banking Web/App for your child.
  • You can monitor the transactions performed on your own Easy Banking Web/App at any time.
  • Do you believe your child isn't using the app correctly? You can block his access temporarily.

Your teen will learn to manage his money.

With Easy Banking Web and App, your child learns to take responsibility as you help him to get into good habits by checking the balance before deciding to make a purchase. You also give some freedom and show that you have trust, which in turn makes him become more responsible.

How do you allow your child access?

  • Log on to Easy Banking Web.
  • Select your child's name in your Settings / My children.
  • Click on "Easy Banking App" or "Easy Banking Web + App"*.
  • Confirm your authorisation.

*To access the app, your child must have an active Easy Banking Web contract and be 15 or over. With your authorisation, all he will need to do is download the free app from Google Play or the App Store!

For the absent-minded or unlucky

Has your child lost his smartphone or had it stolen? Call the helpdesk dedicated to Easy Banking right away on 02 433 41 90 and get his app blocked. Encourage your teen to note down this useful number.