Frequently asked questions

What is Easy banking?

Easy banking is the new PC banking. Manage your banking affairs anywhere and anytime with Easy banking, whether on the go or at home. Easy banking adapts to all your devices (computers, smartphones and tablets) and is also available as an app for your mobile devices (iOS and Android).

How do I log on?

Enter your customer and card number on the Easy banking welcome page. Follow the instructions on the screen and enter your e-signature.
Log on more quickly the next time by checking "Save the data for the next logon".

Are you visually impaired or blind? Ask your branch for a free card reader with extra large buttons, LCD screen and voice support.
More information is available at "Log on with the Comfort Voice card reader" text to speech (TTS) and "Log on with the Comfort Voice card reader" large print version.

Where can I find my customer number?

Look at the front of your bank card.
Your customer number consists of 10 digits. Do not confuse this with your card number (these are 17 digits long and also appear on the front of your card).

Note that you cannot log on to Easy banking with your credit card.

What to do when you see "PIN BLOCKED" after entering the wrong PIN 3 times?

Please contact your branch to unblock the card. When the wrong PIN is entered 3 times your card is blocked.

What if you have forgotten the PIN for your card? Request a new PIN from your branch (which you will receive at your home address after a few days).

Log into Easy banking

Log on with a card reader only.
Ask for a free card reader at your BNP Paribas Fortis branch or online. You will receive it within a week.

Where can I find the IBAN for my account?

Look on your bank card, via Easy banking under "Accounts" or at the bottom of your statements.
The IBAN or "International Bank Account Number" is an international bank account number. In Belgium an IBAN consists of 16 characters: the letters "BE" followed by 2 digits and then the 12 digits of your national account number.
You can calculate the IBAN yourself based on a Belgian account number.

When do I use an M2 signature?

Use your M2 signatures to confirm transactions. Only enter an M2 signature if you yourself have started a transaction. Any other request for an M2 signature is suspicious.

Note that you will not always have to enter an M2 signature when you purchase something online. It depends on the payment options of the website or web shop.

Do you need to cancel a transfer?

Transfers that you have confirmed without entering a transaction date will be executed on the next banking day and cannot be cancelled. Please contact your beneficiary if you wish to recover the funds.

You can cancel scheduled transfers up to 7.00pm on the day before.
Go to "Accounts", select the current account from which the transfer will be executed and "Scheduled transactions". Select the transfer you wish to delete and click on "Delete". Confirm this with your card reader.

What is the CVC of my credit card?

The CVC or "Card Verification Code" of your credit card consists of 3 digits and is printed on the back of your card.
It is sometimes requested as an extra security measure.

Which card do I use with the card reader?

Use your bank card or "debit card" with number xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx x.
Note that your card must be linked to an Easy banking contract and must be used for the first time at a cash machine or to pay at a shop.

You cannot log on to Easy banking with your credit card.

Can I use a card reader issued by another bank to log on and make transfers from or to my BNP Paribas Fortis account?

Some card readers issued by other banks will allow you to log on and carry out transfers from or to your BNP Paribas Fortis account.

However, if you do use readers from other banks, you may obtain an electronic signature containing fewer than 8 digits.

This means that if you enter the signature as it appears, it will be considered incorrect.

To avoid this problem, simply add zeros to the start of the electronic signature until you obtain the required 8-digit figure.

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